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“Valuation is to markets what gravity is to physics.” –Phil Grodnick


MPMG is a value-based investment management firm that manages separate accounts for individuals, families, trusts, retirement funds, and institutions. We are an owner-operated company. We select individual stock investments and manage the portfolios for our clients. We do not sell mutual funds, insurance, annuities or other products. We are not a middleman or broker for other managers. We are the money managers.

At Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group (MPMG), we believe that enabling the masses with investment freedom does not necessarily mean ennobling them with Wall Street wisdom… that providing investors with endless choices does not automatically promote confident progress as much as it risks tireless tail-chasing. And we believe that legendary analyst and investor Benjamin Graham was correct when he observed, “The investor’s chief problem– and even his worst enemy– is likely to be himself.”

We believe that investing serious money is a serious venture. We believe in the value of a well-conceived methodology, honed over 75 years of combined investment experience.

We believe in the ability to shut out the noise: separating the few matters that are quietly important from the many that are loudly interesting. We believe in the importance of knowing how to value a business as a business, not just as a piece of paper or a symbol to trade. We believe that a business and an investment in that business are two different things…that even the best of businesses can be disappointing investments if one pays too much for them.

As Wall Street expands into the 21st Century, individual and institutional investors have more choices before them than ever: more investment vehicles-through wider avenues of access – with ever quicker delivery. Never before have so many been able to move so much with such ease. But does that lead to wiser and better investing? Do greater choices mean greater success…or greater confusion? Does easy trading promote better results…or merely more reflex reactions?

Finally, we believe in Aesop, that in the end, the steady, resourceful and relentless tortoise still wins the race.